Tired of Making Social Media Content? We’ve Got A Tool to Help

Social Media Strategy for Small Businesses Social Media tool for Small Businesses and EntrepreneursSocial Media Tool for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs - Social Media Strategy for Small Businesses and EntrepreneursSocial Works(out) System


We’ve shared our social media tool the  Social Works(out) System to help you create social media content on your channels. Now, we wanted to share with you our Instagram channel designed to give you daily tips on what to post. Think of it as a simple and free social media tool to help you create social media content that people will respond to. It follows the simple system of our social media plan to ensure you are hitting all the areas that matter.

These areas are sales, social media engagement and community (through influencers primarily). So each day our instagram posts, following our social media system, will focus on what to post on your social media sites. This doesn’t need to be rocket science! When you post, you should spend less than ten minutes a day making your content. Or, even better, you should make the majority of your content a month ahead of time. Content doesn’t need to be difficult: it should be simple, connected to what’s happening now, and easy to consume. It should also target all your areas of focus. That’s why this social media tool exists – we want it to be easier for you!

If you want to get further into content marketing, consider this book: Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, podcasts, video, etc. Created by a team of professional storytellers it focuses on what is good content and what people will respond to. Think of it as a primer if you’ve never created social media content before. While the Instagram social media tool is your daily calendar, this book can serve as a necessary base for understanding how to think about content at large.