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University of Florida Professor – Social Media Class for Sales

Over the weekend, I shared that I’ll be launching a social media class to help you, small business owners and entrepreneurs, learn how to sell your products and services on social media.


Because I’ve spent hundreds of hours teaching small businesses and entrepreneurs how to launch their social media platforms and I realized that these ideas needed to scale. I can’t be in classrooms everywhere and there are a lot of people that need help. The thing is, that bringing help, in my mind is about bringing simplicity. This social media class is designed to make social media simple with free tools and tips.

We need to stop wasting time on social media and start using it as the targeted consistent marketing tool it can be.

What that means is that we need a system to understand and drive our social media plan around. Everyone needs to understand how their business goals determine their social media goals and how their social media goals determine their content tone and style and how they engage with social media influencers.

People are wasting time: 1 hour a day on social media according to a poll I did last summer and that’s ridiculous.

So this class teaches you:

– How to create a social media strategy directly related to your business goals

– How to work with influencers

– How to run advertising

– What tools are necessary to automate large portions of your social media engagement so you publish once and appear everywhere.

Stop reading daily articles on Mashable or Social Media Today. Save that for people who want to spend their lives in the world of social media. Instead, I’d love for you to take this class and learn to streamline what you are doing.

Sign up to get more information on the course, here.

Also, we will be offer a FREE Webinar later this month. Interested? Sign-up to find more about that here.

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