Three Secrets to Great Social Media Campaigns

Great social media campaigns can be defined in a hundred different ways – great engagement, great content, just stunningly beautiful — and those ones are often the ones that wind up at the top of the advertising awards lists. What we rarely get to see are the social media campaigns that actually win at driving business impact.

In my book, You Don’t Need Social Media Unless You Are Doing It Right, I spend a lot of time talking about business goals and social media goals. This is because I believe so firmly that social media a tool that must align to your business needs. Because, it must align to those needs, I think the only way we can judge a great social media campaign is by how well is delivers on your business goals.

As such, here are my three secrets for great social media campaigns:

  1. Understand Business Impact: Know your business goals and know how your social media campaign will help to deliver on those goals.
  2. Spend Less to Deliver More: Don’t waste a bunch of money on tools or storytelling tactics like video that don’t directly attribute to your goals. It’s easy to get caught in the fad. It’s less easy to stand back and do only those things that drive sales.
  3. Advertise: As I talk about in my e-course, the dirty little secret of social media is that advertising is a must. Include dollars for advertising and an advertising distribution plan in your campaign plan.

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