Get certified in social media to get a job

How to get Social Media Certified

I’d like to make a short case for the value of a standardized social media certification. Because this industry is new (still – ten or twelve years in!), we see very few people with any formal training in social media. Instead, a lot of people, myself included, have learned on the job. Now, a decade later, I feel confident in my knowledge and learning, my failures and successes.
However, we have also paved the way for the next class of social media managers and marketing directors through the learnings we gathered in taming the ever evolving landscape. It is this knowledge that’s informed the system created in my book, You Don’t Need Social Media Unless You Are Doing It Right. It is also my learnings on the topic that make me really believe that social media managers need to be trained and certified. Because a social media certification doesn’t exist, I am making one.

But why? What does a Social Media Certification Do?

A standardized social media certification helps to put rigor in the industry, to create a space for shared best practices and to ensure people are practicing in the field in a thoughtful and educated manner.

The reason a lot of social media channels don’t work, isn’t because a brand shouldn’t be on social media but more because the people running the system are not experts in their field.

A social media certification helps to:

  • Establish best practices.
  • Create a baseline for measurement and what metrics matter.
  • Enable HR teams to hire qualified candidates.
  • Solidifies a model of Social Media that works and a group of established candidates who understand and engage around it.

So now what? How do I get certified in social media?

I’ve created an online course to help people learn social media and to begin to create a group of people who will have qualified best practices, a proven implementation model and an established means of measuring social media success. Not only that, but I’m putting these people into a pipeline of social media jobs in an effort to reduce the burden on HR departments to determine who is an effective candidate in social media.

I want to get certified. Where do I go?

To find out more about my program, go here.