Cultivating the Author – A Writer’s Workshop – Nov 19th (Seattle)

Writing is a hard business. Not only do you have to actually be a qualified writer, but you have to have the fortitude to stick it out and slowly book by book, reader by reader grow your audience.

For a few people, that happens overnight. For many, its a slow haul and its complicated, complex and secretive as to how you get there.

So, what do you need? You need help. You need people with connections. You need a plan. You need growth strategies and marketing tools.

That’s why, Andrea Dunlop and myself are putting on a workshop in Seattle for a half day on November 19th — we have knowledge that we want to give you. Buckets of knowledge. In fact, so much knowledge that we have even created a six pillar system for doing it. The system is the crux of the program and you will leave having used this system to create a plan that we promise will get you not just one, but at least ten steps closer to understanding how to make your book into your business.

I’m excited about this because it combines a bunch of my person passions like side hustles and fiction writing, with my professional skill sets like branding, marketing, public relations, brand building and social media. And, Andrea brings not only more than a decade in publishing, but also her experiences as a successful published author to the table.

It’s a small workshop – for twelve people – so that we can dive in, help you develop personal plans and work to create a strong community to help you connect with the people who can turn your book into your side hustle and ultimately your business.

Join us?


CEO, The Social Works Co