What Should I Measure to Know if My Social Media Is Effective

I have been involved with the University of Florida for the previous year and this coming fall will begin teach a multi-semester practicum course. As part of that work, I will occasionally post on the University of Florida blog and am sharing a recent post below on the case for social media metrics.

 Social media metrics have laid unchanged for the past decade; yet, we are finally entering a time where they not only can change but they must change. No longer will the impressions or engagement numbers rule. Fans and followers in sheer numbers should not be a singular focus of the social media practioner. Instead, practioners must begin to define their key performance indicators based on the business goals of the company they serve.

 Throw out: impressions, engagement, followers – the metrics used to validate social within the industry —  and grow up. Now, social metrics must be closely aligned to the business needs of our clients and our companies.

We need to focus on metrics that go above the narrow confines of the social media sector.

Keep reading here: http://ufsocial.jou.ufl.edu/2016/02/the-case-for-new-social-media-metrics/?platform=hootsuite