Why We Side Hustle?

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking with the team at Cosmopolitan magazine on their podcast the Cosmo Happy Hour with host Elisa Benson and co-panelists calligrapher/designer/entrepreneur Rae Childs and founder of Undrrated and Cosmo Deputy Editor Marina Khidekel! The topic? Side Hustles. The result? Everyone needs a side hustle and I want to help you get yours.

Side Hustles

We talked about everything from why we side hustle, to how your side hustle affects your main career, to your community growth, to your work place growth, to your economic freedom. A side hustle is the must do for 2016.

In response to the podcast, I wrote a blog post here on my personal channel and I’m including it below.

Why do we side hustle? We side hustle because our insatiable curiosity cannot be contained, because we refuse to be let our 9-5 jobs limit our passion and our potential. We side hustle because to side hustle is to explore and try again and fail and grow and learn and expand the never ending breadth of our human potential.

 We side hustle because to not explore our own human potential is the greatest injustice we can perpetrate.

 Our potential lies not in our 9-5. It lies not in where we are right now. It lies in the future of our imagination.

 Culturally, we have become boring. We watch Netflix more than we talk to our loved ones. We plan our weddings for longer than we plan our lives. We consume garbage content and we know more about the Kardashians than we do about our sisters. We are boring.

 But, it is through our boredom that the side hustle has erupted — its our unwillingness to  live at the base level. It’s our effort to stand up and take on new projects, to explore new creations, to live a multi-hyphenate life. It’s our “Fuck Yeah – we are living” motto brought to life. Our next promotion is not in the hands of mid-level management. It’s in our hands — to stay in our job, or to pursue a new hobby, or to create a new empire.

 The average billionaire has seven or more streams of income. We should too. Whether you are a billionaire, or you are just getting started: your side hustle is your creative exploration of your potential wrapping around the potential of your economic and intellectual freedom.

 Learn a new skill. Envision a new future. Side hustle; because to not side hustle is to accept the status quo. It’s the economic form of settling.

 We are not settlers. Not a one of us. We all have creative potential and possibility. We have businesses yet to be formed. Passions yet to be found. Networks yet to be cultivated.

 That is why we side hustle.

 We side hustle because the future is bright and vivid in our minds and our potential is endlessly running alongside our effort and our dedication.

 We dare you to start a side hustle because at worst, you will learn a new hobby and at best, you will free yourselves from the constraints of the American Dream to develop dreams of your own. 

Now, do you have a side hustle? If so, what? Share in the comments below. Also, I’m going to launch a Side Hustle podcast in July. Want to be featured? Reach out to me!