How to Be A Great Social Media Content Creator: May Edition

A lot of people spend a lot of time thinking about how to be a great social media content creator. In the end, the secret to creating great social media content — or any content– is, as my friend Jennifer Braunschweiger says, to be an interesting person. In the spirit of interesting things, I’m going to share once a month the most interesting things that I have come across (mostly books – because I read a lot of books).

  • Steven Johnson, Where Good Ideas Come From. This book looks at the genius of good ideas and argues that good ideas come from play, from free associations and from stepping away from learning and/or working on occasion. [This is how I justify my expensive and time consuming kite boarding sessions— thanks Steven!]
  • Brit Bennett, The Mothers. This is not a novel for those looking for a beach read. This is a great novel about love and loss and regrets and choices. It’s fiction that we need to read because we all need to understand – we need to see a strong woman who makes choices about her life and her education and her love reflected in the tribulations of her family and community. We need to see her make choices we are uncomfortable with and we need to see her not regret them, but not ignore them. The way she comes to terms with the love lost, the baby lost and the life lost is familiar to any of us who have left behind one small vision of life in favor of another and who have had to deal with a community who did not understand. I don’t want to say it’s a travel book, although it is – as we travel through Nadia’s choices and decisions. I don’t want to say it’s a love story, but it is – as we are forced to wrestle with worlds we love and hate, as much as the characters face their own loves. I don’t want to say its counter culture, but it is that too – as we are forced to understand that husbands can cheat and wives can accept, as babies left unborn can live on in our lives, and as mothers can kill themselves but remain forever in the lives of their daughters.
  • Michael Hyatt, Platform. This book is a straightforward story of how to create and build a platform. It’s filled with tips for people of all levels of success and experience and shares how to think about platform as a stepping stone to other things. That combined with a Teachable summit webinar by Tucker Max has helped shape my perception about the role for individuals in creating platforms — in short: create a platform to change your possibilities but have a good understanding of where you want to get to. Otherwise, your social media platform creation is for  going to be wasted.
  • Lin Manuel Miranda’s Commencement Speech: This first taught me somethings about Philly that I had never known and second makes an impassioned argument for why we step outside the narratives we have been taught to believe and have embraced for ourselves – whether it has to do with love stories or immigrant stories. While I might be a third generation immigrant, I still tear up when people talk about the can do spirit of immigrant culture – we hustle because we have to and because it pays off. Immigrants built this country.
  • Alan Watts interpreted by the South Park Creators: Basically this short film sums up everything I am currently ruminating on at a big meta level. I’m not even going to ruin it for you. Just read it because it is absolutely amazing.

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