Cross-Pollination Thinking About Social Media Like a Biz Dev Manager

When people talk about social media they focus primarily on the platforms. What they speak less often about is the community i.e. the intangible focus of the primary platforms. Community is ultimately the creation goal of social media and we believe we need this community because it will do what?

That’s right: drive sales.

Like all communities, though, it has a relatively finite size. There are only so many people who will have known of or heard about your brand and that size of people will not increase rapidly but slowly as new people are introduced or discover your brand. The community rate of increase can be scaled up by introducing things like advertising or by thinking about community in the same way that a business development manager thinks about growth.

Business Development focuses on identifying and creating partnerships that can be leveraged for driving revenue, increasing distribution or enhancing a product. These are principles that can be similarly used to increase and enhance your social media channels to also drive revenue, increase distribution and enhance a product (in this case the product would be your social media platforms). If you take this partnership based model, you can begin to grow your community exponentially by also dipping into the communities of other people.

Social Media Growth Through Partnershsip

The dark blue spaces show where you overlap in your community and this is where you should begin to identify other communities that may be of interest to your current community and where you have the potential for growth. However, you have the possibility of getting the entirety or a large portion of the rest of the partnership community if you execute the partnership in the right way. This is something that people routinely forget.

In the next post, we will share how to identify partnership opportunities, find the right partners, build social media partnerships and put this into practice.

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Creating Social Media Content

A few months ago, as part of a project I’m working on with my technical co-founder, we discovered that small business owners spend, on average, an hour a day on social media content creation (i.e. posts, tweets, instas, podcasts, etc). That’s a lot of time! A lot of time that could be spent otherwise growing your businesses in more direct and tangible ways.

Do you know that an email marketing newsletter is still more effective than a social media account in turning sales leads into sales?

In order to reduce the amount of time people are spending creating social media content, I’ve created an Instagram account with daily recommendations on what to post. Think of it as a “work out plan” for your small business account. In the same way you do a legs day or a back day with a fitness plan, we’ve created an account that will help you build your social media audience without floundering around. Think of it as simple actionable tips to get your page up and running and reduce the time you are spending online.

Social Media Content Creation Tips

Check it out here:

Update: We have a new e-course coming out that tackles this and other struggles in creating social media content, in creating a social media strategy and in growing influencers.